Mom Prom 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 11:12am

Have you ever been to a Mom Prom??? Well, neither had we. But, let me just say, it totally rocked! When Erin first approached us about the event, I admit, I was not quite sure what to think about it! I am not one to turn down a party so I said "Sure! Let's do it!". I am so glad I did. Picture a mix of Affair of Heart type shopping, dancing, drinks, dinner and more! It was the ultimate Mom's Night Out! 


There were raffle giveaways, goodie bags for everyone that attended, free drink tickets, the list goes on and on. The ladies were able to round up a sizeable donation for Make a Wish Oklahoma. Erin's son is a past wish recipient (no worries, he's doing great now!) so we love to see her giving back to an organization that gives so much! 

Our signature drink "The Red Hot Mama Sangria" was a major hit! Credit for naming this drink goes to my own mama.... I think she was joking but I loved it! So we went with it. We also met a new DJ this evening, Keegan Kirkhart, of Kirhkart Entertainment. We could tell he was loving being surrounded by all of the women! He did a fantastic job and we would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a DJ! He had all the ladies up dancing and we even caught him dancing a bit himself! 


We thank Erin so much for choosing our venue to host this event and hope to see the ladies out here next year! Head on over to Erin's page to read her recap of the event and for a full list of Mom Prom 2017 sponsors. Be sure to follow her page and stay tuned for her announcements for next years Mom Prom. You'll thank me. 

~ Lindsay

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