COLD FEET! To plan or not to plan? That is the question...

Friday, December 4, 2020 - 3:37pm

Is COVID-19 giving you Cold Feet when it comes to wedding planning? To plan or not to plan? The answer is... PLAN!


What an insane year this has been. COVID-19 is nothing new at this point. If you’re like me, you’ve gone through a vast array of emotions over the past year. You’ve been nervous… then skeptical… then “bored with it”… then scared of the future and confident things will get better ALL at the same time. You’ve binge watched Netflix to pass the time and take a break from the news. Then you’ve clicked on every news update in your email (even though you said you weren’t going to do that) to see how much the numbers have gone up over the past 24 hours, days, weeks... I get it. SO MUCH information. And to top that off? You’re TRYING to plan a wedding. Do you go for it? Do you postpone? Do you opt for something small and compromise your lifelong dream of a huge wedding day? Is your head exploding with all of the “what ifs”?


Take. A. Deep. Breath.


Let. Us. Help.


Read. On.


This part of the post would typically be titled “Frequently Asked Questions”, or, FAQ’s. But we don’t like to do what everyone else does. So allow me to help alleviate your what if worries.


Here are a few questions we get asked on a weekly, if not daily, basis at this time in our history.


What if guest counts get restricted? The Montellano is 10,000 square feet of classical Italian beauty. Have you set up a tour yet? Pictures will never do it justice.


Why is 10,000 square feet important? Because that means our max capacity is over 500 people.


Wait, what? Yes. 500 bodies could fit in our place at one time. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing that, like, ever. For your own sanity.


What if the Montellano is forced to limit capacity in any way? No worries! This is what you can expect:


Capacity limited to 25% = 125 guests!

Capacity limited to 50% = 250 guests!


With the average wedding guest size being around 130 (a number that has been slowly decreasing over the past few years), WE ARE CONFIDENT your guests will find our spacious rooms with plenty of open-air comforting during these confusing times we live in.


Do you have to be married and have the reception all in the same room? Um, no. Have you set up a tour yet? You seriously need to. We designed our venue to have a certain flow. We have not 1… not 2… but THREE locations for your guests to mingle in. 3 ½ if you want to get technical. We only rent our venue to one client per day, so that means you get every bit of all 3 ½ areas……


Let me walk you through what your guests will experience. You know, since you haven’t scheduled a tour yet. When you enter, you are walking into the ceremony hall that can seat up to 300 guests theater style. Now, 300 guests is a lot. Even without a global pandemic. But think on this… Take half that number away and guests can spread out quite a bit and still watch you walk down the aisle to your best friend.


Once the ceremony is over, your guests will be directed to an equally enormous reception hall beaming with natural lighting and two exits to a covered patio. Guests can have the option to sit inside the reception hall or even on the bistro lighted patio (if they need a bit more space from the festivities)!


If you pick the right month you could even get married outdoors! That gives you not one but TWO large halls to seat your guests inside for the reception. Even more space! No, you’re not dreaming. This really can happen.


What if I don’t need a full day rental? We have that covered! Our wedding packages range from 6 hours all the way to 14 hours (starting at just $2,199!), completely customizable to fit your vision and budget!


What if the pandemic is still around next year? Wondering if you should hold off a bit longer before setting that date? We've got your back on this as well! We always have and always will offer one reschedule within your contract. Why do we do this? Because life happens. This should be the greatest day you've ever experienced, not the most stressful. You truly don’t even have to give us a reason. Just say the word, the magic wand is waived and you now have a new wedding date.


What if one or more of your guests get COVID-19? Can we guarantee your guests won’t get COVID? No. No more than we can guarantee you won’t get it at Target. Can we guarantee your guests will feel just a little bit safer at our venue and your day will be stress free? Again… no. We can’t control your crazy Aunt Bonnie. But! We CAN promise you we will do our best to make this day perfect for you.


In the end, whether you were planning a wedding in 2020 and that planning has been severely disrupted or you are newly engaged and planning a wedding in 2021/2022, we’ve been through IT ALL this year. I dare say… and hear the confidence in my voice when I say… we are now experts in the COVID wedding planning field!


Truth be told, our business, as with all wedding and event planners, has been rocked. But, like always, we have prevailed. We’ve shifted our business focus so you don’t have to shift your wedding plans. We know what our future holds and we know exactly what needs to be done to ensure your day is flawless. Let us help you. You won’t be disappointed.


Let our family take it from here.


Happy Wedding Planning!

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